And we’re live!

About this time last year I got an idea to make a multidisciplinary blog that pulled in various people from different backgrounds. The idea of having multiple people post on a single blog is not new, nor was my old blog. The problem was that I was still a grad student and wasn’t really sure about my next step. That changed when I was selected as a Knauss Fellow and was placed at the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a Congressional and Legislative Affairs Fellow. With a direction in mind, things came together. So here we are…

Rollout here is going to be slow. Having just moved to D.C., things are pretty hectic. However, I wanted to at least get introductions out of the way. We are:

Shane Hanlon, PhD: Congressional and Legislative Affairs Fellow at the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Jessica Hua, PhD: Postdoc with Dr. Jason Hoverman at Purdue University

James Moore, PhD: Tenure-track professor at Christian Brothers University.

Denita Weeks, MS: PhD student at the University of Memphis

Introductions, backgrounds, and other pertinent information will follow. I’m really excited about this venture and hope that you all with stick with us, critique us, comment on posts, and spread the word. Our hope is that there will be something for everyone.


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