Many academics believe that leaving academia in pursuit of any other career (or lifestyle) is the biggest mistake one could ever make. We disagree. Especially in areas of ecology and conservation, finding a balance between research and policy is a necessary part of the scientific process. And that thinking is what brought this blog to fruition.

This blog started as a place for a group of scientists with similar backgrounds (ecology, hence the name), but with varying trajectories and at different stages of their careers, to talk about science. Since then it’s shifted to focus on science communication and policy issues, with a conservation tilt, but not exclusive to the discipline.

I’m looking to expand. The goal is to inform, entertain, and hopefully educate a broad audience that will be able to find something to their liking from our varied posts. If you’re an ecologist, environmental scientist, conservation biology, in science policy, science communication, or anything that may be of interest to our audience, please let me know in the “Contact” space below!


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