What I can do as a scientist. I could use help.

I’m a passive advocate. I’ll admit it. For so long I’ve been focused on, 1) what’s best for me, then 2) what’s best for science (and even with that it’s been more about what’s best for conservation and applied science). I’m not going to say that that order is going to change, but I can do better.

img_1890It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. This blog never got the traction that I wanted, partly b/c honestly, who am I, and partly b/c I tend to stretch myself too thin and not give pursuits the attention that they need and deserve. (It doesn’t help that I manage and contribute to The Plainspoken Scientistthe scicomm blog over at Sharing Science, the arm of the AGU devoted to helping scientists craft and hone their scicomm skills to promote their message.)

Ecoroulette was started by me, w/ help from some friends and colleagues, as a medium to talk about ecology & conservation. The idea was loosely based off of Dynamic Ecology – more like it’s B team. But as my career and focus has shifted, and as my colleagues have moved on to other endeavors, the focus of this blog has shifted, from straight ecology & conservation, to more scicomm and policy. And that’s where it will remain. Kind of.

The “roulette” part of Ecoroulette refers to my desire to have a rotating cast of contributors. And I still want that. Sure, I have a lot to say but no one wants to hear from (just) me.

20161019_123247In the coming weeks I’ll be posting  again regularly. I’ll bring back (hopefully) weekly series such as Climate Friday and Science & Conservation Monday – weekly posts where I aggregate current news stories and legislation relevant to the sciences. And I’ll be posting resources, lots and lots of resources, to help my peers become their own advocates for science, starting with workshops and training programs to help you spread your message to the public, media, and policymakers.

I could use some help. I’m a conservationist working as a scicomm trainer, undergraduate educator, and science storyteller. That covers a lot of bases, but I can’t do it all. Are you researcher who wants a medium to talk about disseminating science and engaging outside the ivory tower? Do you engage as a policy advocate and want to talk more with scientists? Get in touch w/ me. 

This may seem like an insignificant effort, and maybe it is, but it’s something. The more we raise awareness, the more likely some action is to happen. Let’s not let the events of the past couple days dishearten us. And on the flip side, let’s not start of strong and then let things fall to the wayside. Scientists need to engage. We need to defend science and protect discovery and the environment. We’re in this together.



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