“Bills for Science” Monday #1

At one of my previous jobs, my role was to scour through recently introduced legislation to find anything of interest in the conservation realm. This was not only helpful for us but also the organization as a whole. And I hated it. It was monotonous, time-consuming, drudgery. But, it was incredibly important.

After I left that position I decided to continue providing this service. Sometimes I would put out weekly updates, sometimes life got in the way and it was every few months. As I referenced in my post post in some months last week (in the aftermath of the election), I’ve been largely dormant on this blog for a while. Not anymore. I’m going to continue with (hopefully) weekly updates about science-related legislation b/c we, as scientists, must be aware of the role that the government plays in science.

Below is a sampling of what’s in store moving forward. There was no legislation introduced in October or November. This is all from the final day in session before the election.

Stay tuned for once Congress starts working again. Only by knowing what’s going on in our government can we as citizens and scientists influence the decisions of our decisions makers.


H.R.6200 Ongoing Recovery and Conservation Awareness Act of 2016
Sponsor: Rep. Heck, Denny [D-WA-10]

To provide for the issuance of a Puget Sound Restoration Semipostal Stamp.  The program would be used to fund Puget Sound conservation and management programs.

H.R.6201 Clean Water Healthy Communities Act
Sponsor: Rep. Maloney, Sean Patrick [D-NY-18] 

To amend the Safe Drinking Water Act with respect to the monitoring program for unregulated contaminants, and for other purposes. 

H.R.6202 Hudson River Protection Act
Sponsor: Rep. Maloney, Sean Patrick [D-NY-18] 

To amend the Act popularly known as the Rivers and Harbors Appropriation Act of 1915 to prohibit the establishment of certain anchorage grounds within five miles of a nuclear power plant, a location on the national register of historic places, a superfund site, or critical habitat of an endangered species…

H.R.6218 To clarify the boundary of Acadia National Park, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Rep. Poliquin, Bruce [R-ME-2]

-Would solidify the boundary of Acadia – potential ramifications for shellfish harvesting and other industries in the area.

H.R.6239 HIGHER ED Act
Sponsor: Rep. DeFazio, Peter A. [D-OR-4] 

To amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to improve Federal Pell Grants and loans, and for other purposes.

H.R.6294 Geospatial Data Act of 2016
Sponsor: Rep. Westerman, Bruce [R-AR-4]

To improve the coordination and use of geospatial data. 


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