Climate Friday #11

Well, not to point too fine a point on it: 
World heat shatters records in 2016 in new sign of global warming
This is going to be a reoccurring theme and it’s been in the news since December when 2016 was “slated to be” the hottest on record. The numbers are in, woo 2016.

Icebergs the size of Delaware:
Vast iceberg poised to crack off Antarctica: scientists

Wildlife (i.e. polar bears):
Feds finalize plan to save polar bears in the Arctic
Polar Bear Body Cam Shows Predator’s POV
Without action on climate change, say goodbye to polar bears

Maine going after VW for cheating environmental rules
Hazier days in the high country, Western U.S. due to drought and forest fires, scientists find
99% of coral reefs to be impacted by climate change, study says
Utah environmentalists file suit against Discovery Channel’s Diesel Brothers

Norway’s $880 billion oil fund could exclude biggest polluters
China detains 720, imposes $21.8 million of fines in pollution crackdown: media
Paris mayor unveils plan to restrict traffic and pedestrianise city centre
Scientists just discovered a massive pool of carbon in central Africa that nobody knew was there


 At Sundance, the theme is climate change
Alaskan Village, Citing Climate Change, Seeks Disaster Relief In Order To Relocate

Understanding How Climate Engineering Can Offset Climate Change
White House urges research on geoengineering to combat global warming

Colorado’s governor won’t issue clean-air executive order
Bill would penalize utilities for wind-generated electricity for Wyoming customers
Researchers look to brace Great Lakes forests for climate change
Utah environmentalists file suit against Discovery Channel’s Diesel Brothers


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