Climate Friday #10

Welcome to 2017! This feature was something I started last year in a different time with different scientific (i.e. interpretation) and political realities. I never suspected that there would be so much content but here we are. Perhaps not the most surprising but definitely the most relevant headline of last week:

NOAA challenged the global warming ‘pause.’ Now new research says the agency was right.

This is a big deal but by no means was the only thing going on in climate news:

Kenya’s Worsening Drought Seen Hitting Coffee Production
A Witness to Iran’s Intensifying Struggle with Climate Change
India’s double first in climate battle
Major flooding in UK now likely every year, warns lead climate adviser

Exxon Mobil Cashes Out Ex-CEO Tillerson Ahead of Confirmation Hearings

Wildlife & Nature
At Blackwater refuge, rising sea levels drown habitat
Climate change experiment in Colorado mountains finds warming may slow upward migration of trees

Solar Could Beat Coal to Become the Cheapest Power on Earth

With enough evidence, even skepticism will thaw

And meanwhile in Wisconsin…
DNR purges climate change from web page

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