Climate Friday #5

This week we have two weeks’ worth of news and there’s a lot to process. Most importantly, there is now a “!!!” section which I deem the most important news of the week(s). I think y’all will understand why.

Oregano may reduce methane in cow burps

Air Pollution
British Airways owner sets emissions target
Supreme Court blocks Obama’s climate rule for power plants
Volkswagen to offer U.S. diesel car owners ‘generous compensation packages’
Beyond Volkswagen, Europe’s diesels flunked a pollution test
U.N. agency seeks to end rift on new aircraft emission rules

Carlos Curbelo, Ted Deutch announce bipartisan climate change solutions caucus

COP 21
U.S. will sign Paris Agreement and stick to it – Stern

Fuels & Renewables
Wind energy top source for new electric capacity in 2015
Letter from Congress to Secretary of Interior to tighten O&G regs in refuges

How changing climates shape the fate of empires

Australian wine under threat from climate change, as grapes ripen early
Europe launches satellite to help track global warming
Major conferences to ‘expose’ CSIRO climate cutbacks as scientists fear for jobs

Costs of closing, cleaning toxic coal ash pits grows clearer

 Sea-Level Rise
Scientists are floored by what’s happening in the Arctic right now

Warmer seas speed up Antarctic ice melt
Parched continents soak up water, slowing sea-level rise

Climate change may delay flights
Obama proposes $320B for ‘clean transportation’

Study looks at link between shark migration, climate change


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