The EPA and you: Cutting carbon emissions

Unless you have been living under a rock, the EPA announced Monday new regulations to cut carbon emissions from existing power plants. This is obviously a big deal.

Tuesday, the USFWS had a hearing in Senate EPW on climate change and its effects on farming, fishing, forestry, and hunting. The hearing was relatively uneventful though, especially by climate-change standards, partly because some of the focus was on the new EPA regulations. In previous hearings, USFWS was asked by congressional leaders about actions of the EPA, and while that largely wasn’t the case this time, it didn’t stop republican senators from diatribes on the new regulations.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to get back into more of the policy that surrounds science. A lot of really great things happen within the gov’t and I don’t believe that credit is given where credit is due. So keep an eye out for ways in which the gov’t is actually giving science the credence it deserves. You may just be surprised…


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