I’m going through a bit of a career transition. I left academia for the Knauss Fellowship, followed that up with a Mirzayan Fellowship, volunteered with the National Ocean Sciences Bowl, and taught a field course for the University of Pittsburgh Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology. I’m back with the gov’t for a bit and will begin a new, permanent position in a few weeks (more on that to come later).

I’ve been neglecting the blog. We all have. Things get busy and the last thing on my mind is “oh, I should really sit down and write a post”. Specifically with me, my career flux has made it difficult to really find a place from which to write. The idea of the blog was to bring together ecologists (or scientists in general) from different sectors (e.g gov’t, academic) to talk about issues from their disparate points of view. Starting in September, I will have worked for 5 organizations in 9 months. It’s difficult to really write from a professional position when that position is constantly shifting. However, I’m looking forward to some stability, potentially some additional contributors, and a real push to make the blog a go. Over the next few weeks I’ll start to ramp up my own contributions as I’m starting to create a bit of a que. So if you’ve been with us since the beginning, or if you just happened upon us, look for upcoming posts on:

  • “Five science jobs in nine months, or what to do with a PhD outside of academia”
  • “Pesticides and the government, or #whyamphibiansmatter – Part 1″
  • “#amphibiansarenotfish (or birds for that matter) – Part 2”
  • Specifics on the new gig and why it’s especially exciting in regards to the blog
  • Greater consistency with the Conservation Monday series

So stay tuned and thanks for visiting!


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