Conservation Monday #12

First some updates:

The Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee with hold a markup on a few relevant bills this Wednesday. To mark up a bill simply means that the committee will debate, amend, and/or rewrite a bill, and then potentially advance it out of committee to be (potentially) voted on by the entire chamber (Senate or House):

S.1143: West Coast Dungeness Crab Management Act
S.1886: Coordinated Ocean Monitoring and Research Act
S.2206: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Act

Also this week, the House Committee on Natural Resources will hold a hearing on Protecting American’s Recreation and Conservation Act, the proposed replacement to the “Land and Water Conservation Fund” that expired last month, this Wednesday.

Now, legislation. The House was out last week (surprise!) so we only have updates on bills that now actually have text associated with their numbers:

S.2240: Federal Land Invasive 5 Species Control, Prevention, and Management Act.
-New title, same idea. Ask for a 5% reduction per year of invasive species on federal lands, as carried out by Dept. of Interior and the USDA. Should be simple enough, right (ha)?

S.2257: National Park Service Centennial Act.
-This one is a doozy. This outlines the necessary infrastructure and funding required for the centennial celebration of the National Park Service, in addition to ensuring the parks are adequately funding and managed moving forward. 


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