February in DC is all about Science.

I live in and love D.C. That’s no secret. I also love science. Also…not a secret. So when I realized that February was going to be an especially amazing time to be a scientist in D.C., I realized that a tweet wasn’t going to cover it.

First things first – hard science. The annual AAAS meeting is being held in D.C. on the 11th – 15th. The theme this year is “Global Science Engagement”. AAAS is a little different than other societal meetings as it doesn’t cater to a specific discipline. Instead, there is a focus on policy, communication, and engagement. Shameless Plug #1 – I am part of group directing a mini-workshop on science communication that you should check out.

Perhaps because of the meeting being in D.C. this year, there are a ton of science communication and storytelling events going on in the city next month. In chronological order:

Improve for Scientists by Koshland Science Museum – Wed. 3 Feb @ 6:30
-As a part of the National Academies, Koshland is more of an un-museum. You should check it out independent of this event*; however, then event looks pretty cool too:

Join us at the Koshland Science Museum for an evening with the Washington Improv Theater’s WIT@Work program. Whether you’re a graduate student preparing to defend your thesis, a young science professional who finds it difficult to explain your work to those outside of your field, or simply someone who is looking to improve your public speaking confidence, WIT@Work’s interactive improv techniques offer a fun way to learn how to better communicate authentically, off-the-cuff, and in potentially high-pressure situations. 

SC in DC! by Story Collider – Wed. 10 Feb @ 8
Story Collider brings true, personal stories about science to anyone and everyone. Shameless Plug #2 – as the D.C. producer and one of the hosts of SC in D.C., I’m so excited that we’re starting a regular D.C. series! We’ll be teaming with up Koshland for a show as well so stay tuned for more details. Check out our podcast!

Spring Fling Thing by Thirst D.C. – Thur. 11 Feb @ 8:30

thirst DC is an unique opportunity for D.C.’s brightest minds to get together to share ideas. Founded by an intrepid group of nerds, thirst DC creates the perfect environment for DC’s nerdiest and sexiest that thirst for knowledge, a stiff drink, and some attractive company. Whether you work in politics or science, but really are passionate about fashion or food, all we ask is that our guests expect the topics to be a bit risque, and in return we ask that they be utterly fascinating.

Nerd Nite D.C. – Sat. 13 Feb @ 6:30

Nerds not only study love, in all of its social, economic, biological, and psychological facets, but they need love too. At Nerd Nite this month, you can help them experience both. Come and listen to our nerds expound upon bird love, explain the economics of love, and elucidate you about the sex lives of fishes. And in the process, if you buy a drink for that cute nerd girl or guy standing next to you, we won’t blame you at all!

Needless to say, if you’re in D.C. next month and want to hear some great stories about science, you definitely have options!

*I used to work for Koshland


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