Building your CV: From undergrad to prof

For as long as I’ve even serious about science, I’ve been serious about my CV. This may sound silly, since doesn’t everyone make building their CV (or resume) seriously? Perhaps, but I have done my best to never squander an opportunity to do something that would add significantly to my science career.

What I’ve learned over the years is that what we deem appropriate for inclusion on a CV changes over time. For example, when first building a CV, presumably as an undergrad, there’s a lot of fluff. Long descriptions of research- related positions and experiences, a greater attention paid to GPA, and maybe even some awards from high school. Things change significantly as we proceed through our careers. So, I’m going to devote a series of posts to the ways in which my CV has changed over the years, from when I first constructed it (it looked an awful lot like a resume), to my current point in my career as I prepare for yet another round of applications. Hopefully this provides some insight for the non-professor audience out there, and who knows, maybe they’ll pull something from it as well.


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