Hello nomadic lifestyle!


Farewell, Pittsburgh! I loved this city.

In fact, much to my surprise, I loved it as much as my hometown, Austin.

Pittsburgh is where I learned to be a scientist. It is where I met my future husband. It is where I found the rambunctious President Helo, aka mutt extraordinaire. It is the home of the best cake ever made!

Most importantly, this city and the people I have met here played an important role in helping me discover what happiness truly is to me (Happy).

Yet, I find myself here again- leaving another city that I love.

In dissecting the diverse waves of emotions I’ve experienced these past few weeks, I have discovered one sentiment that has remained constant.

I am determined.

Without a doubt, I will miss the calming assurance of my Pittsburgh routine. With the consistency of having a permanent place to call home, I had…

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