Conservation Monday (Tuesday) #7

Congress had more to worry about last week than environmental/science bill (i.e. gov’t shutdown) but there were some relevant bills introduced.

H.R.3632 : Stop Arctic Ocean Drilling Act of 2015
-Fairly self explanatory, introduced by Rep. Huffman, a champion on the House Natural Resources Committee.

H.R.3644 : South Atlantic Red Snapper Data Improvement Act
-Similar to H.R.3521 : Gulf Red Snapper Data Improvement Act, this legislation establishes a competitive grant program for cooperative research and encourages enhancement of communication between NOAA and stakeholders.

 H.R.3645 : Federal Duck Stamp Price Stability Act of 2015
Allows for an increase in the stamp price to adjust for inflation when necessary. Duck Stamp proceeds are used for conservation measures.

 H.R.3650 : State National Forest Management Act of 2015
Would allow states to take control of some lands within the National Forest system to be used for timber harvesting.


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