Conservation Monday (Tuesday) #8

Missed a week and still not too much going on. Here’s the roundup:

H.R.3692 : Lake Tahoe Restoration Act of 2015
This bill provides environmental restoration activities and forest management activities in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

H.R.3748 : Carbon Pollution Transparency Act of 2015
So this is actually kind of interesting. It requires the Director of the Congressional Budget Office to calculate a carbon score for each bill or resolution. EVERY BILL. From drilling in the Arctic (which isn’t happening anymore) to trying to defund Planned Parenthood, how much carbon is created.*

H.R.3760 : Offending Oil Polluters Act
Would deny some tax benefits to polluters of waterways.

H.RES.472 : Expressing support for designation of the week of October 11, 2015, through October 17, 2015, as “Earth Science Week”.
I usually don’t highlight resolutions but this one hits close to home as last week was Earth Science Week and we are an Earth and space society.**

*Likely to be used for more environmental- and energy-focused bills, but it does say all.

**It was also Sharing Science Week!


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