Climate Friday #1

Work for an Earth and space science society, I come across a lot of news concerning climate change. Knowing that we are all bombarded with the realities of climate change no matter where we turn, it may be a difficult to feel engaged what’s currently going on. I recogize this but also realize that all the information out there on climate change (not the reality of the science) is not created equal. So, as part of another weekly series, I am going to aggregate a majority of climate-related news from the preceding week here. And what a better time to start than at the end of the Paris Climate Conference.


Climate Conference

Paris climate conference kicks off

How Psychology Can Save The World From Climate Change

Obama climate envoy dismisses GOP pushback

Climate envoy: GOP votes aren’t hurting Paris talks

Russia pledges not to stand in the way of Paris climate deal

Obama working the phones for climate deal in Paris

White House

White House: GOP hostile to climate ‘facts and science’

Obama: GOP president won’t stop climate pledges

Far from Paris, South Florida climate talks begin in Key West


Top lawmaker changes tack in climate feud, taking federal scientists’ emails off the table for now

House votes to reject Obama’s power plant rules

Paul slams $450K grant for climate change video game

Bernie Sanders puts forward ambitious plan to combat climate change

The attack on climate change scientists continues in Washington

Cruz blasts ‘alarmists’ at climate change hearing

Dems slam Cruz for stacking hearing with climate change ‘deniers’

Public Opinion

New research confirms that sowing doubt about climate change is devastatingly effective

Two-Thirds of Americans Want U.S. to Join Climate Change Pact

Twitter creates new emojis to mark COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris


EPA chief: US is ready to push forward on climate change


ExxonMobil in Denial About Climate Science Denial

73 more companies back Obama on climate pact

Growing more, emitting less

Monsanto pledges to be carbon neutral by 2021


Pope Francis warns of global ‘suicide’ without climate action

Chinese Report on Climate Change Depicts Somber Scenarios

As world debates climate, Czechs embrace heavy pollutant

Lives depend on climate deal as islands bear brunt of health impact

Public Lands

Rising sea levels pose threat to Fort McHenry, inspector general reports


Michael Mann: The Assault on Climate Change

Kevin McCarthy: The American energy story Obama won’t tell the world








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