Science and Conservation Monday (Tuesday) #16

We’re back! Or at least Congress is back. For now. The House is actually working the fewest days in a year in recent history in 2016, because, well they deserved it of course.

Anyways, prior to their long holiday break, in addition to the omnibus, some interesting legislation was introduced. Here’s to a new year!

H.R.4259 : To prohibit the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency from establishing, implementing, or enforcing any limit on the aggregate emissions of carbon dioxide from a State or any category or subcategory of sources within a State.
-Pretty straight forward. Basically limits the power of the EPA in regards to any regulation on carbon dioxide emissions.

H.R.4265 : Clean Air Implementation Act of 2015.
-Adds some amendments to the Act, and from what I can tell, relaxes them by lengthening the periods between standards checks from five to eight years, among other measures.

H.R.4268 : Castner Range National Monument Act
Thought that this is timely considering: 1) It’s in Texas, and 2) what’s going on in Oregon. (If you’re really frustrated with the situation and need a good laugh, go here.)

H.R.4271 : End EPA Advertising Act
Would prevent the EPA from awarding any contracts in relation to public relations, market research, etc. I.e., “Don’t spread the good word of the EPA” Act.

S.2400 : Superfund Polluter Pays Restoration Act of 2015
Amends the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to make polluters pay for restoration.


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